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The white tees are for everyday, casual play and are the right choice for most men, beginning golfers, and capable senior players. Stray from the white tees at your peril. The red tees are traditionally used by women or junior golfers, although many women I play with use the same tees I play.

Simply stated, the goal of golf is to get the ball into each of 18 holes in succession with the fewest number of shots, using no more than 14 clubs. After you hit the ball into all the holes, you add up your scores from each hole.

Golf For Dummies

The lower your total score, the better. As you play, you find countless ways to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. The best advice I can give you is to relax. Stay calm, make prudent decisions, and never hit a shot while contemplating other matters. You should play golf with complete concentration and no ego. The game tempts you to try feats of derring-do.

To play your best, you must judge your talents and abilities honestly. Or play it safe?

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Figure shows a smart course of action. You start at the tee and hit your drive to Point A.


So you lay up to Point B, and go from there to the green via C. Score is everything. As you see in Chapters 8, 9, and 10, the most pivotal shots occur within yards of the hole. If you can save strokes there, your score will be lower than that of the player whose sole purpose in life is to crush the ball as far as possible. So practice your putting, sand play, chips, and pitches twice as much as your driving.

You understand the game. You can play it a little. You never dishonor its spirit. Anyone can smack a ball aimlessly around a course. I can already hear my fellow professionals saying, Yeah — like you, McCord! How can you start becoming a real golfer? You find everything you need to get started, from equipment to instruction to common problems, etiquette, betting, and more.

You need to start by buying golf clubs and balls. You can start simple — use cheap equipment at first, and spend more if you enjoy the game. Check out Chapter 2 for tips on what you need to get started. Chapter 6 has more information on this gripping — pardon the pun — topic. Knowing when to hit and when not to , how to keep score, proper etiquette, and how to bet are integral parts of the game. The chapters in Part III give you the lowdown on these and other important topics.

You also have the fun of feeding your addiction by watching the sport in person or on TV, following it on the Internet, and playing virtual golf when the snow piles up outside. See Part V for my guide to those off-the-course outlets. Dutch historians, including Steven von Hengel, have argued that golf originated in Holland around A form of the game called spel metten kolve and also colf, which means club was popular in the late 13th century. Colf is believed to have been played mostly on ice.

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The first instruction book, written by Thomas Kincaid, appeared in Among his surprisingly sensible tips: Maintain the same posture of the body throughout the swing. How did he know? In , a shipment of 96 golf clubs and golf balls made its way from Scotland to Charleston, South Carolina.

Such a big order suggests it was intended for a group of golfers. Another golf club or society may have been organized in Savannah, Georgia, in , only to be disbanded later. It would be another century before American golf got going for good. The first major tournament, the Open Championship, was held with only eight players at Prestwick Golf Club on the west coast of Scotland in In those days the honor of victory was supposed to be prize enough.

The St. Andrews Golf Club played on a three-hole layout that ended near a large apple tree. They hung their coats on the tree before they teed off. According to legend, they finished play one day to find their coats stolen by a rival gang known for its disdain of fruit.

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In , the term bogey was coined by Hugh Rotherham — only back then it referred to playing a hole in the perfect number of strokes, or a ground score, which we today call par. Shortly after the invention of the Haskell ball, which made reaching a hole in fewer strokes possible, bogey came to represent a score of one over par for a hole.

This gap in terminology is no doubt attributed to the difficulty in attaining a bird, a fact that endures to this day. A match-play exhibition was held in , pitting Professional Golfers Association members from Britain and America. The next year, at Worcester Country Club, the teams met again, only this time possession of a solid gold trophy donated by a wealthy British seed merchant named Samuel A.

Ryder was at stake. Thus were born the Ryder Cup Matches. The Hershey Chocolate Company, in sponsoring the Hershey Open, became the first corporate title sponsor of a professional tournament. So blame the cocoa guys.

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A local telecast of the U. Open in St. Louis marked the advent of televised golf, a red-letter day in golf history if ever there was one. Now I could finally have a job. Choosing a golf ball. Buying clubs. Knowing which club to use. Selecting outfits and accessories. Yes, early golf equipment had more romantic names: Niblick, brassie, spoon, driving-iron, mashie, and mashie-niblick are more fun than 9-iron, 3-wood, 1-iron, 5-iron, and 7-iron.

Nowadays, you have no excuse for playing with equipment ill-suited to your swing, body, and game. Take one look at a shiny new driver made of super-lightweight alloys and other space-age materials. Now peek at the price tag. Sure, Bill Gates and Donald Trump are avid golfers, but do you have to be a billionaire to play? Not at all. Just as you can get a golf ball from the tee into the hole in countless ways, you can get the equipment you need, including the ball, in just as many ways. You may be planning to spend thousands of dollars getting started in this game.

Of course, you can purchase a gleaming new set of clubs custom-fit to suit your swing. A top-of-the-line set can cost more than a used car — why pay through the nose when your progress will soon render your custom fit obsolete? For that, you need a good swing. Golf equipment has never been better suited to its purpose. In the old days, many golfers started out with hand-me-down clubs.

He may have even been on his way to a long, winless PGA Tour career, like me! I discuss many of the best golf Web sites in Chapter When you know what to look for and I tell you throughout this chapter , you can find precisely what you need, either online or in a golf shop — often for a fraction of what Messrs Gates and Trump would pay.

Many technological advances have occurred in golf over the years, but perhaps nothing has changed more than the ball. Everyone would be putting through windmills just to keep the scores up in the 50s. Size: A golf ball may not be smaller than 1. The ball can be as big as you want, however.