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LING 190 - Quantitative Methods in Linguistics

Programs and Courses. Academic Year Best, Dinha Quantitative Methods in Linguistics Keith Johnson Department of Linguistics University of California, Berkeley December, Introduction Increasingly, linguists handle quantitative data in their research. Phoneticians, sociolinguistics, psycholinguists and computational linguists deal in numbers and have for decades.

Now also, phonologists, syntacticians and historical linguists are finding linguistic research to involve quantitative methods.

Quantitative Methods Lecture 1

Consequently, mastery of quantitative methods is becoming a vital component of linguistic training. This book has two foci.

Quantitative Methods in Linguistics - PDF Free Download

First, we will introduce and discuss general strategies and methods of quantitative analysis as they apply in several subdisciplines in linguistics. Second, the book provides detailed instruction in practical aspects of handling quantitative linguistic data, using a particular statistical package R to discover patterns in quantitative data and to test linguistic hypotheses. After two introductory chapters, the book is divided into chapters by subdiscipline of linguistics, though the methods presented in any one chapter are likely to be relevant in almost any other subdiscipline.

So, though t-test is presented in the phonetics chapter, for example, you would certainly want to make use of t-tests in psycholinguistics.

Corpus Linguistics and Statistics with R is out!

Fundamentals of quantitative analysis -- Observations, distributions, central tendency, variability. Phonetics -- two-sample and paired t-tests, multiple regression, principle components analysis. The second edition of Sebastian M. Rasinger's Quantitative Research in Linguistics: An Introduction is an attractive introductory book to quantitative analytical techniques that can be used in linguistics, and, furthermore, it gently introduces the reader basic principles in statistics. It would be a good choice for a coursebook in general quantitative linguistics and can be used at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Easy to read and a very gentle introduction to the use of spreadsheets in quantitative linguistics, Rasinger's book should be particularly attractive to instructors, students, and other readers who are not necessarily interested in using superior platforms such as R, Python or SPSS software.

Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication Intended for both undergraduate and graduate students, this textbook presents a concise, clear and well-illustrated introduction to the quantitative analysis of language.

Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Linguistics

Language In Society of the first edition Rasinger's new book provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to quantitative research methods in linguistics. Aimed at an advanced undergraduate and early postgraduate audience, the book addresses a longstanding need in the field for a textbook specifically geared toward students who may have already developed a nuanced understanding of language and linguistics but who have had little to no exposure to statistical methods. As such, the book stands to make an important contribution to the teaching of linguistics, whether as a classroom resource for teachers or as a guide to individual students as they undertake their own research projects.

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The book introduces: -using statistics-variables-reliability of data-describing data-analysing data-testing hypotheses-dealing with problematic data. Seller Inventory LHB More information about this seller Contact this seller.