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The shots it can produce are actually around 30, to 50, The wide availability of propane is also a big advantage. In addition, it is safe to use because you only need to store the propane at a low pressure, around psi only.

SHOT WITH 1000+ PAINTBALLS IN SLOW MOTION - Bodybuilder VS Paintball Guns - Crazy Challenge Fail

The options range from the fully unregulated ones to systems that are totally high-end, allowing them to use up to four regulators as well as several stages. CO2 regulators, for instance, should ensure that liquid gas is prevented from penetrating the marker as well as expanding as it might cause the velocity to surge to a dangerous level. In most cases, the regulator configurations used together with the carbon dioxide propeller compromise accuracy and throughput to guarantee the safe operation of the marker. Those regulators that use high-pressure only, on the other hand, are guaranteed to deliver a really high throughput.

You can also expect them to deliver uniform pressure in between the shots made, thereby ensuring accuracy during high firing rates. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the firing and trigger modes used in paintball guns. The firing and trigger modes used in the paintball marker are actually the ones that signify the specific type you have.

The most popular modes, in this case, are the following:. Pump action — The pump action paintball marker is considered to be the most basic type currently available in the market. You will actually see it as a basic gun in the sense that it comes with a pump handle that you have to pull either forward or backward after making every shot.

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This is to ensure that the next paintball will be seated or loaded while preparing for the firing action. It is known as the original design used in guns. It is simple while showcasing its reliability.

20+ Best Paintball Guns (Markers) – Reviewed & Rated in [Nov. ]

While it is not as popular as it was decades ago, you can still see some players using it, especially in events involving stock-class paintball. Semi-automatic — You can also see the semi-automatic paintball marker. This specific firing mode requires you to pull the trigger for just one time as a means of firing the gun. It is actually a popular option among those who play paintball.

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  • You can also choose between the electro-pneumatic and the manual type. Most of the paintball guns categorized as entry-level also fall under the semi-automatic category. Fully automatic — You can also choose to invest in the fully automatic paintball marker. It is quite similar to the semi-automatic type in the sense that you will also need to pull its trigger one time if you plan to fire the gun.

    The only difference is that it is designed in such a way that it will continue firing provided you keep on depressing the trigger. This type actually boasts of its defined firing rate, which differs based on the gun or model you have chosen. However, take note that paintball tournaments prohibit this type. Ramping — Another firing mode that you have to familiarize yourself with is ramping.

    It has a trigger, which you need to pull consistently to fire. However, unlike the previous modes mentioned, this one features a circuit board, which works by slowly increasing the firing rate. For instance, if you set it in such a way that it can kick 4 pulls every second, pulling the trigger at a 3 times per second firing rate will cause the gun to continue firing at that rate. However, if you begin pulling the trigger using at least a 4-ball per second rate, you can expect it to fire 4 rounds per second at first but will increase it slowly.

    It will ramp up the rate of firing provided you continuously pull the trigger. It allows your gun to shoot quicker and quicker until the max firing rate is already reached. Prior to taking it to an event, though, ensure that you are allowed to use it. It is also a must to get to know more about the different types of paintball marker that are available for you.

    Study the merits of each one so you can better decide which one among them is really suitable and appropriate for your requirements. In this case, you have to get to know more about the mechanical and the electronic markers. Mechanical Markers — Paintball guns designed to be operated mechanically can be expected to work through mechanical means only. If you are looking for a mechanically-operated marker then note that some of your options are the semi-automatic mechanical types that are also referred to as blowback guns. It is possible for them to start firing once you pull the trigger and it releases a bolt propelled forward with the aid of a spring.

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    You can then expect the paintball to be pushed to the barrel. After the ball gets into the barrel, you will notice the bolt striking a pin. This will open up the valve, letting air reach down the barrel. After that, you will notice the force provided by the expanding air to force back the bolt into the original position. That said, it is no longer surprising why it is referred to as blowback as it actually makes use of air in blowing back the bolt to its initial position.

    Aside from the blowback, you can also see other variations of the mechanical gun with each one having various price ranges. You can find basic plastic pumps known to be inexpensive. You will also see precision-milled paintball guns that hold higher price tags as most of them cost more than a thousand dollars.

    Best Paintball Guns – A Complete Guide!

    You only need to clean and oil it after several uses. Another advantage of the mechanical type is that you will find it easy to disassemble. In case of problems in the gun, you will also love the fact that most of its replacement parts are available at inexpensive prices. Furthermore, it is versatile in the sense that it tends to work using either compressed air or CO2. You will also find it easy to use and set up even if you do not have any paintball experience in the past. One problem associated with the use of the mechanical paintball marker, however, is that it is not as accurate, consistent, or fast as the electronic type. Electronic Marker — As the name suggests, the electronic marker, which is also referred to as electro-pneumatic gun, makes use of circuit boards powered by batteries as a means if firing paintballs. These circuit boards are designed in such a way that they activate solenoids, causing the gun to start firing. Each time you pull the trigger, the circuit boards receive a signal that it is time to fire, thereby activating the paintball marker.

    That said, it is possible for you to send a signal to the board, telling it to fire automatically.

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    It is also possible for you to tell it to use other modes of firing, such as a 3-round burst. It is important to note that electronic paintball guns greatly depend on a regulator to guarantee its consistent firing. Such regulators appear as mechanical devices capable of taking in various air pressures coming from a tank then releasing air, which has a low and constant pressure. One more thing that you have to take note of about electronic guns is that they are available in numerous varieties. You can also find several internal setups for it.

    However, despite the fact that these different internal setups make use of various bolts, regulators, and valves that greatly affect the overall performance of the paintball guns, you can still expect them to deliver similar pros and cons in general. One major advantage of the electronic marker is that it is capable of firing in a faster and more accurate and consistent manner than the mechanical paintball gun.

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    You can also expect it to be small and lightweight, thereby ensuring that you will never have a difficult time using and managing it. It also has a light and short trigger pull considering the fact that it is only the trigger, which is used in activating the circuit board. There is no need for you to activate the firing mechanism in a physical manner. One more advantage of the electronic paintball marker is that it uses a lower pressure to operate than what the mechanical type uses. Each tank is also capable of delivering more shots. However, there are also disadvantages to using the electronic marker — one of which is its high cost.

    Another disadvantage is that repairing it might be difficult for someone who has no knowledge about it. In most cases, you will need a professional to deal with issues with it or to provide upgrades. One more thing to remember is that it only uses compressed air. Take note of all the pros and cons of both the electronic and the mechanical paintball guns so you can better decide which one is indeed right for you. The game of paintball actually comes with various rules and variations with each one being specified and indicated prior to starting the entire game.

    A basic rule used in the game is for players to complete a specific goal but they have to make sure that they are not shot nor marked by a paintball. Any shot can cause a player to get eliminated even if the paintball does not break nor left a mark. However, some games use several variations to the rule — one of which is the fact that the paintball, for it to cause the elimination of the player, should break while also leaving a mark, which is at least a US quarter in size.

    Our available paintball gun models:

    Any players who are eliminated from the game should leave the field right away. This will also cause the opposing players to receive points. The eliminated player may also be allowed to continue playing after a specified period provided this is what both teams agreed upon before the start of the game. He might also be completely eliminated if that is the rule chosen by the players. Also, before paintball begins, it is crucial to determine the specific goal that each player should accomplish. One example is capturing a flag. Other variations of the game that you can also use in deciding the ideal paintball marker for you are as follows:.