The Rise of the Agricultural Welfare State: Institutions and Interest Group Power in the United States, France, and Japan (Princeton Studies in American Politics)

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Argument v, Their language and dmlects," pp. Brought at the Field sale, No. Priced by Leclerc, , No. Quaritch aRain prices it, No. Clarke, ofCineinna. By James Adair. Contains Arguments i-xx':ii ot'Adair's work, followed by Notes and illustrations to Ada. Adam Lncien. Adelmig Johann Christoph [and Vater J. Sachsischem Hofrath und Ober-Bibliothekar. Huron grammatic comments, pp. Mohawk or Mohaux grammatic comments, pp.

Lord's prayer from Hervas aud Smith , pp. Onondaga vocabularies, pp. Vyaudot vocabularies, pp.

At the Field sale, No. Leclerc prices it, No.

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With an appendix. New-York; printed by J. Half title At the Brinley sale, No. Worden D. Alsop George. Described iu four distinct parts, j Aiso j small treatiseonthewild andnakedIndiaDS or Susquebanckes of Maryland, their customs, manuers, absurdities, aud religion. Together with a eoHection of historical letters.

Nouvelles De Alfred Musset

By j George Alsop. A new edition with an introduction aud copions 1 historical notes. Forms vol. Notes by Dr. Shea oceupypp. Reissued as "Fund Publication No. Ou-tside title as above, half title 1 L insido titIelL4. Alvis William. Teyeriwakowata, L. By William Alvis. American Bible Society. Centeunial exhibition. Specimen verses from versions in din'urent lang'nages and dtalects in which the HolySoriptnres 1 have been printed and cireulated by the American Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society.

American Bible.

Full text of "L'Ordene de chevalerie; an old French poem, text, with introduction and notes .."

Jotm iii, 16, in Mohawk and Seneca, p. Bureau of. Education Department of the Interior. New Orleans, In Missionary Herald, vol.

A catalogue of the books, tracts, etc. American Philosophical Society. In American Philosoph. Committee, vol. Bureau of JEthnoiogy.

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Some of the works mentioned are in Iroquoian dialects, by Zeisberger, Pyriasus, Campbell, Hawkins, aud otbers-. American Society. American Tract Society: These words following a title or within parentheses after a note indicate that a copy of the work referred to was seen by the compiler in the library of that institution, New York City. Analysis of the Seneca la. Na na none do wau ga. Anderson jEet.

A general discussion, with examples, consisting mainly of extracts from a letter of Horatio Haie. Andrews William , Barclay H. Ne Yaga'wngh Niyadewighnisera.

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Oui j N e WatkCtUlissa. William Andrews, the late Rev. Henry 1 Barclay, and the Eev. Weyman and Hngh Gaine. Moat of the Mohawks, and some of the Oneidas and Tnscaroras, cotild now read, and he often furnished them suitable books. Barclay to super. When com. He had a good font of type for printing English, but was soon out of sorts' in this new language. Barclay died in 17G4, and his long aicknsss and death bindered, a. Daniel Claus, afterward Indian agent in Canada, was bctticr able to do it than himself, but he was then away.

Another Tongne, etc. Documents, iv, Talbot on bis return from England bad met Mr. Moor in Boston and tried to induce him to go back to New York, but 'poorTborowgood said he had rather he taken into France than into the fort at New York. Whilo at Albauy, Mr. Acconnt, , OIaoaac served as his interpreter; and Mr. Freeman whomean. This very worthy Calvinist minister' as Humphreys characterizea him may have previoualy given Mr. Mooracopyof—or assisted hirn to translate-this littlemanual. Matherwouldbe g! Antrim Benajah J.

With Specimens of more than Fifty Different Alphabets, including a concise description of almost all others known generally throaghout the Worid. Philadelphia: Published by the a.

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  • C'opK'4'Mett; Aster, Congress.. Two years later, Mr. Ogilvie, then of Trinity Chnrch, New York, and late mission. On the title-page it is said to have been prepared under direction of Rev. At the Brinley sale, N'o.